About Us

The Founder

Jared Howell born and Raised in Seattle Washington. Graduated from Central Washington University in 2018. Absolute work horse and has been able to start and run this brand without any other partners, investors, or employees outside of one other designer.


Established in 2020, Jared Howell started learning photoshop intending to make designs for tee shirts. He was inspired to take it to the next level and start his own brand and make a business out of it. As time went on he met a designer out of Serbia, his name is Dragan Lukovik who lacked the resources to start his own brand but always had the admiration of creating one. The two teamed up and became Left Coast Cartel. As the brand started to have products released some other people started to really love the brand and were inspired by the story behind it. From local artists to dancers on the other side of the world, Left Coast Cartel expanded.