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About Us


Jared Howell

Founder/Creative Director

The creator and work horse of it all. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington. Inspired by creativity, self made productions, and always being the underdog. Driven by the desire of making a difference within the community and having a positive impact on others lives. Lacking artistic abilities but having sensational concepts of a true visionary. All of his work reflects something that has empowered himself and hoping it will to others. Taught himself the programs necessary for graphic design in July of 2020 with help from Dragan. ​



Dragan Lukovic


From Belgrade, Serbia. A country that has no growth in it's economy. Wages that are about $1-$3 euros an hour. Being an artist his entire life, he started with a pencil and using a scanner to upload it to the computer and sell as commissions to people built his way all the way up to now having the best equipment possible for illustrations and designs. He's a top seller on Fiverr, a very accredited outlet for services for graphic design, website development, ecommerce, etc. In 3 years he's sold over 1200 commissions and is prospering. Always wanting to start his own brand but being from a place that has limited resources for doing so, is where him and Jared joined forces in attempt to build Left Coast Cartel together. They both have set a goal to one day have the ability to move Dragan and his family to America for a better life.

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